Matthew Zeiler of Clarifai – Code And HipHop – E014

In this episode of Code and Hip Hop, I sit down with Jonathon Francis, Co-founder and former COO of Elite Daily. Jonathon, along with his cofounders, started a little blog back in 2013 and would later turn into a huge media company. I met Johnny back in 2013 when I joined Elite Daily. At the time Elite Daily was just 10 months old and did not have a technical Co-Founder.

Produced by: Bryan Goris, & Darren Hamilton

In this Podcast:

  • We talk about the early days of Elite Daily.
  • Scaling employees and managing different personalities.
  • Kim Kardashian retweets an Elite Daily article and the site crashes.
  • We discuss company culture and how it changed as Elite Daily grew.
  • WeWork. Not enough misery in the room for you to be successful. There needs to be a little bit of misery.
  • What it’s like to meet Dwayne ” the Rock ” Johnson .

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